INVESTMENT PRODUCTS Investing in Traditional and Alternative Investments

We allow our clients to invest in the same strategies and products aligned with hedge funds globally. From multi-asset solutions through alternative and sustainable investments to equities, bonds and investment funds, you can choose from a wide range of investment instruments in order to achieve your individual goals for the money you invest.

Overview of Investment Products All of Balfour Capital Group's Investment Products at a Glance

Balfour Capital Group offers you a wide range of options for achieving your personal investment goals. You can find all of the investment instruments here at a glance.


You can restrict the list of investment products displayed by filtrating by asset class to see products in your preferred classes such as equities, bonds, money market or private equity.


If you filter by investment style, you will get an overview of asset allocation,
Emerging markets and manager selection solutions or sustainable investments.


To find specific investment product quickly, we recommend using the search function above the table. For instance, entering the fund's ISIN will take you straight to it.

The Balfour Capital Group Strategy Investing in Accordance with the Strategy of Balfour Capital Group

Accredited investors and institutions have entrusted the management team of Balfour Capital Group investment experts. Clients can invest in accordance with the same strategy.

The solutions combine traditional and alternative investments using an innovative approach. The strategy is geared toward investing in alternative and traditional investments with a high level of diversification.

One of the few investment concepts worldwide to offer such a combination and be accessible to private investors, the Princely Strategy is similar to that employed by leading US endowment funds such as those of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford University

Multi-Asset Solutions Scenario-Based Planning and Diversification Ensure Robustness

Multi-asset solutions – or strategy funds as they are frequently referred to – invest in the whole spectrum of asset classes and have a high level of diversification. They choose their various asset classes, investment styles and risk premiums based on a sophisticated investment process using scenario-based planning.

Investors with a medium to long-term horizon have to try and preempt future trends. To define the best possible asset allocation – in other words the choice of various asset classes, countries and currencies – our experts devise a range of future scenarios illustrating possible political, social and economic trends. These scenarios are used as a basis for devising the best possible portfolios, which will be “robustly” positioned for a variety of trends on the investment markets.