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Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management at Balfour Capital Group is designed according to each investor’s need for customized, integrated solutions and the firm’s commitment to client success.

Investment Approach

Within Balfour Capital Group, we run on collaboration, not internal competition. Teams work together to share trade ideas, identify and address risks, build tools, and explore new opportunities. Our staff includes world-class mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, economists, analysts, business-builders, and system architects relying on specialized trading, operational, and compliance expertise.


An innovative approach to preserving and building wealth, is the driving force of our research. Our meticulous and highly-qualified research specialists monitor the most important financial markets in the world. This knowledge provides the basis for Balfour Capital Group’ house view as well as provides you with up-to-the-minute analyses of stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities.


We earn our clients’ business and their trust by putting their interests first – every time. At the firm’s foundation our core principles define our values and guide our decisions. These concepts are part of our molecular DNA and corporate culture.

An Exceptional Clientele

Our client advisers serve the best interests of high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, families and select institutions, delivering a premier wealth management experience marked by objective advice and personalized solutions.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur preparing to sell your business or an individual in search of a family legacy plan, we have the resources and an open architecture platform that allow us to custom-fit strategies to your situation.

Investment Strategies

Our systematic strategies run on quantitative and computational techniques developed by the firm. We believe a strong culture of rigorous analysis and scientific research, supported by a robust technology, is the integral ingredient of a successful quantitative investment portfolio.

Corporate Culture

We are in a people’s business, therefore the well-being of our employees, the creation of a progressive working environment, and the development and retention of our staff are of utmost importance.

Managing Risk

Our competitors might say, we have an obsession with risk management, and we have to agree. The key difference between firms that survive and thrive over the long run and those that don’t is risk management! Our core approach is that risk and portfolio management are not separated; they are equally weighted to obtain a successful investment strategy.

Members of Major Exchanges

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