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Trusted Wealth Management for Success and Growth

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Balfour Capital Group is a trusted boutique investment management firm that specializes in providing comprehensive wealth management services.

With a focus on successful entrepreneurs, High Net Worth Individuals, and Institutions, our mission is to protect, preserve, and grow the wealth that our clients have earned throughout their careers while seeking a reasonable rate of return.

As an independent company, our utmost priority is diligently and rigorously managing our clients’ assets.

Expertise and Global Reach

Backed by our specialized knowledge in global markets and risk management strategies, we offer a world-class team of money managers with decades of experience in managing institutional assets.

Our esteemed clientele includes fund of funds, wealth management advisers, and high net worth individuals from Switzerland, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Asia.

Industry Partnership

To ensure the best possible service, Balfour Capital Group has established prime brokerages and execution agreements with reputable financial institutions. Our collaborations include Nasdaq and Deutsche Bank for US equities, Barclays, ING Group, and National Australia Bank for foreign equities, Toronto-Dominion Bank and Citigroup Inc. for bonds, and UBS and Goldman Sachs for derivatives/futures.

Commitment to Excellence

Striving for excellence, Balfour Capital Group continually invests in the development of processes, controls, and technology required as an institutional class fund management firm.

With a strict governance structure, regulatory compliance controls, robust software development processes, and business continuity facilities, we prioritize operational risk, market risk, and credit risk management.

Our in-house software department has developed bespoke systems to efficiently manage the end-to-end task of systematic fund management.

Who We Are

Balfour Capital Group is a distinguished global boutique investment management firm, poised to be your esteemed partner in the elite realm of wealth management. We are uniquely dedicated to serving the personal preferences and ambitious financial goals of top-tier institutions and shrewd High Net Worth Individuals.

With a presence spanning the most prestigious financial hubs across the world, our firm’s footprint extends prominently to global operations. This expansive network empowers us to deliver our exceptional services with the utmost accessibility and convenience to our esteemed clientele.

What We Do

Our extensive proficiency in traversing the intricate landscape of global markets, coupled with our astute risk management strategies, executed with both algorithmic precision and discretionary finesse, affords us the privilege of safeguarding, enriching, and nurturing the wealth of our esteemed clientele whose cumulative assets under management exceed a remarkable $250 million, all while prudently pursuing optimal returns on investment.

How We Do it

Our dedication to excellence is exemplified through comprehensive risk management, the meticulous structure of our governance framework, the steadfast adherence to stringent regulatory compliance measures, the establishment of resilient business continuity facilities, the implementation of robust security controls, and the deployment of sophisticated software development protocols.

Within our extensive network, we proudly maintain affiliations with numerous distinguished banks, premier brokerages, and execution agreements, actively participating in the facilitation of payment for order flow alongside a select group of esteemed financial institutions.

Our Teams


Developers are integral in building and implementing Balfour Capital Group cutting-edge trading technology, designing highly interactive and responsive applications with performance, scalability, usability, and security in mind. We seek candidates with a strong foundational knowledge of technologies, who love to problem solve and are driven to constantly build on their expertise.


Quants are an integral part of the algorithmic research team, working to improve Balfour Capital Group’s trading algorithms through transforming large data sets into usable trading models. Successful quantitative analysts work well independently and collaboratively, enjoy learning and applying new algorithmic techniques, and are excited to see their ideas turn into tangible results.


Our traders work on interdisciplinary teams alongside other traders, quants, and seasoned software engineers. They solve both technical and quantitative problems in the global financial markets. We look for strong collaborators and communicators who are very mathematically capable and have exceptional problem-solving abilities.


Our support team are an integral part of Balfour Capital Group, contributing to all levels of the business. These are our accountants, marketing specialist, legal experts, and many more. Each person contributes a unique mix of talent, expertise, and ingenuity to Balfour Capital Group. Whatever the position, we hire people who are committed to doing their jobs well and who enjoy hands-on, collaborative work.

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