ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS A Global Leader in Alternative Investment Solutions

Balfour Capital Group is one of the world’s leading providers of investment solutions involving private equity, hedge funds, insurance-linked investments and real estate funds for private and institutional clients such as pension funds, insurance companies, foundations and family offices.

Insurance-Linked Investments: Greater Stability for Your Portfolio

Volatile financial markets are driving investors to seek sources of diversification and means to improve stability for their portfolios. Insurance-linked investments are ideal for this as they are one of the few asset classes to have virtually no correlation to any others.

Balfour Capital Group has been involved in this asset class for more than ten years now and offers a wide range of insurance-linked investments from open-ended funds for all kinds of investors through to customized mandates for institutional clients.

Hedge Funds: Actively Managed Portfolios in A Variety of Asset Classes

Hedge funds permit a very active investment approach across a range of asset classes, making them a good way to supplement a traditional portfolio and increase its diversification.

Balfour Capital Group has invested in hedge funds since 1997, developing an extensive network of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world.

Alpha Generix: Efficient Access to Alternative Investments

Alpha Generix seeks to generate consistent long-term capital appreciation through investments in liquid markets, minimizing the risk for investors. Portfolio investments follow various rule-based strategies securing access to the whole spectrum of return sources in all the financial markets by means of direct investments.

Alpha Generix products unlock highly efficient, UCITS-compliant access to alternative investments, giving a traditional portfolio a higher degree of diversification.

Private Equity: Investing in Unlisted Companies

Private equity involves investors taking a stake in an unlisted company. The aim is to help it through an important phase of its development (start-up, growth, etc.) in order to sell the stake for a profit at a later stage.

Investing in private equity can allow investors to improve their portfolio’s risk/return ratio, achieve higher returns and increase their portfolio diversification.

Balfour Capital Group's Investments in Real Estate: Diversification for your Portfolio

Balfour Capital Group provides investors with global access to top-tier real estate funds and enables them to benefit from nuanced strategies and a worldwide network. Balfour Capital Group’s experienced team of real estate experts combines various strategies to exploit the potential of a real estate investment.

We invest across the world, spanning market cycles and opening up new sources of returns.

Commodities: The Engine of Economic Development

A rising global population means growing demand for commodities, making them an attractive investment.

Our funds invest in a wide range of commodities: Hard commodities (depletable commodities) include energy, precious metals and industrial metals Soft commodities (renewable commodities) are sourced from agriculture and livestock farming Although a structural rise in commodity prices is expected as demand and production costs rise, the overall price trend is highly dependent on macroeconomic developments, requiring investments to be thought through very carefully.