Our Team

You can place your trust in our team of specialized professionals, who offer a comprehensive range of services including award-winning portfolio management, stockbroking, and wealth planning.

Steve Alain Lawrence

Chief Investment Officer

Steven Alain Lawrence's remarkable journey began with humble origins as a runner on the Chicago Board of Trade. Through sheer determination and unwavering dedication, he steadily climbed the ranks, reaching the pinnacle of success. Presently, he humbly manages an impressive $250 million as a hedge fund manager at Balfour Capital Group, overseeing global assets across various markets, including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and ETFs. The Balfour Discretionary Trading Program, under his guidance, has achieved an admirable five-year rate of return of 23.03 percent, reflecting his expertise and commitment.

On April 11, 2023, a significant moment arrived when Steven Alain Lawrence was promoted to the esteemed position of Chief Investment Officer at Balfour Capital Group, following the retirement of Co-CIO Daniel Greenwood, who had faithfully served the firm for two decades. As Chief Investment Officer, Steven now leads the charge in Balfour's global expansion efforts while gratefully holding membership in esteemed institutions such as the Institute Directors of London and the Hedge Fund Trade Association.

Steven's path to success began after his graduation from the renowned NYU Stern School of Business. Seeking to deepen his knowledge and further refine his financial acumen, he pursued a master's degree in finance at the esteemed London School of Economics. Equipped with this comprehensive education, Steven embarked on a remarkable 23-year career in the financial markets, leaving an indelible mark at every stage.

In 1998, Steven joined Robert Fleming, where he spent two formative years, before making a significant leap to Lehman Brothers. During his eight-year tenure there, he was recognized as the best in-house broker in 2005, showcasing his exceptional abilities and profound understanding of the industry. In September 2008, Steven assumed the role of Investment Analyst at Hambros Bank, where he successfully managed clients' investments on a global scale.

In March 2016, a new chapter unfolded as Steven joined Balfour Capital Group as a Senior Investment Advisor, bringing with him a wealth of experience acquired over 18 years. With over two decades of financial expertise, Steven possesses a deep understanding of the stock market and its intricacies. His exceptional mathematical acumen, effective communication skills, and proficiency in cutting-edge technology enable him to stay ahead of the curve, consistently delivering positive results for Balfour's esteemed clientele.

Steven Alain Lawrence's inspiring journey from a humble runner on the Chicago Board of Trade to his current position at Balfour Capital Group exemplifies the power of ambition, perseverance, and unmatched expertise. With a steadfast commitment to his craft and an unwavering drive for success, he continues to make a lasting impact on the financial landscape, all while maintaining a humble and grounded approach to his achievements.

Johan Boos

Senior Wealth Manager – Strategic Partnership Manager Europe

Johan Boos, an accomplished financial professional, has been selected to join the independent Sales Group at Balfour Capital Group. His primary focus will be on procuring High Net Worth clients and Family Offices.

With close to a decade of experience in financial markets, Johan has an impressive track record in asset management and investment advisory services. His career began at the Union Bank of Switzerland in Lucerne, Switzerland, where he worked in the Wealth Management division. There, he advised and invested on behalf of his clients across multiple asset classes, including equities, foreign exchange, indices, bonds, and global derivatives in commodity markets worldwide.

Following his successful stint at UBS, Johan established Boos Investments Sarl, where he served as Managing Partner and continued to provide expert advisory services in physical commodity markets and hedge fund trading strategies. His expertise and reputation in the industry led to his appointment at Balfour Capital Group, where he will spearhead his own independent team and collaborate with the Algorithmic Investment group under the tutelage of Steve Alain Lawrence.

Balfour Capital Group has an unwavering commitment to expanding its global presence and delivering exceptional services to its clients through world-class independent advisors. With access to global markets, superior execution, and excellent pricing, the company is poised to continue its upward trajectory, and Johan Boos is an essential part of that journey.

Dalip Chong

Business Development Manager for the Middle East and Asia

With extensive experience in business development, project management, and sales and marketing, Dalip  is a valuable asset to our team. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration and an Advanced Diploma in Management. As Chief Operating Officer at EBISBANK and Senior Business Development Manager at Maybank Singapore Limited, he established revenue goals, identified new business opportunities, and cultivated strong customer relationships.

Dalip possesses excellent communication, leadership, and organizational skills, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a proven sales track record. He is proficient in MS Office and CRM software and has in-depth knowledge of market trends. In his free time, he enjoys creative writing, reading, and exploring other cultures.

Dalip prioritize creativity, innovation, and global awareness, and values that align with his personal interests. We are proud to have him on our team, where he constantly explores new business opportunities and trends, bringing his critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills to the table.

Vikram Aditya Srivastava

Investor Relations Manager

Vikram Aditya Srivastava is an Introducer in Hong Kong, where he brings extensive experience in investment management and start-up investment. With a proven track record in raising funds for startups and managing relationships with investment firms and consultancies, Mr. Srivastava is well-positioned to make significant contributions to the team. His previous roles include positions at Coleman Research, where he drove significant growth for key accounts in APAC, and AngelHub, where he onboarded over 400 angel investors and raised over USD 3.5M for 200+ startups.

Mr. Srivastava's most recent position was as a Client Management Associate at Coleman Research, where he built and managed relationships with investment firms and consultancies to facilitate due diligence. He was instrumental in driving a 1500% YoY growth for one of the key accounts in APAC, resulting in a revenue of USD 373k in the last 14 months.

Mr. Srivastava also has experience in sales and business development, having served as a Sales & Business Development Analyst at Brinc, a hardware and food accelerator. There, he collaborated with startups to scale their manufacturing in China and drove corporate innovation through business development opportunities for portfolio companies.

Mr. Srivastava holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from The University of Hong Kong, where he was a recipient of the HKU Foundation Scholarship and served as Class Rep for the EEE Department. He also served as an Electronics Engineer at BaliBot (now ClearBot) and as an Event Coordinator at the Alumni Entrepreneurs Club.   As an introducer at Balfour Capital Group, Mr. Srivastava's diverse skill set and experience in investment management and start-up investment make him a valuable addition to the team. His proven ability to drive growth and manage relationships with clients and stakeholders will help the company expand its presence and deliver excellent results for its clients.

Adam Solomon Green

Head of Business Development and Long Term Range Planning

Adam Solomon Green brings over 20 years of financial industry experience to his role as Head of Business Development and Long Term Range Planning at Balfour Capital Group. Before joining the company as a Partner, Adam held various leadership positions at esteemed financial institutions such as Sterling Trading Group, J.P. Turner & Company, LLC, GunnAllen Financial, Inc., and INTERCAP WEALTH MANAGEMENT.

Throughout his impressive career, Adam has demonstrated his expertise by managing a foreign exchange sales group of over 25 salespeople, leading a team of 30 brokers in the bond market and initial public offerings with a focus on technology stocks, and serving as an investment banker specializing in underwriting public offerings and executing turnarounds.

At INTERCAP WEALTH MANAGEMENT, Adam played a pivotal role in creating and implementing the company's business development strategy, launching European and Asian divisions, and executing marketing strategies that led to increased revenue.

Now, as a vital member of the Balfour Capital Group team, Adam is responsible for developing and executing long-term strategic plans aligned with the company's vision, spearheading business development initiatives to boost revenue and market share, and fostering strong relationships with key stakeholders, including investors, clients, and partners. With his extensive experience and proven track record, Adam Solomon Green is an invaluable asset to Balfour Capital Group.

Mathias Sudres

Investment Strategist – Switzerland & Germany

Mathias Sudres is an experienced Insurance & Financial Advisor with a diverse background in the financial industry. Mr. Sudres specializes in direct sales on appointments, offering a range of services to his clients. These include providing life insurance or third pillars through renowned companies such as SwissLife or Axa, offering financial investments with Zugerberg or real estate investments, and assisting clients in selecting health insurance plans from major companies. He is also involved in financial investments with APC Group and Thomas Loyds. Mathias's role extends beyond sales, as he diligently handles administrative duties and ensures outstanding customer service.

Prior to his current role, Mathias worked as a Junior Broker/Trader at JNF Capital in London, UK. During this time, he developed a comprehensive understanding of international money markets and associated products. He was responsible for identifying business sectors and industries with foreign exchange exposure and generating new clients with foreign exchange and CFD exposure. Mathias maintained a high level of call activity, built strong relationships with both existing and prospective clients, and ensured timely and accurate client registrations.

In terms of education, Mathias completed a course at the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management. The course, designed for retail traders and hedge fund managers, was conducted by Anton Kreil, the managing partner and a former Goldman Sachs trader. Mathias is currently preparing to take his exam later this year. He also holds a Baccalaureat Economique et Social from Lycée La Borde Basse in Castres, France.

Vito Piccininni

Business Development Italy

Vito Piccininni brings extensive expertise as a finance and insurance consultant, accumulating more than 14 years of invaluable experience in the industry. His impressive career path has seen him assume pivotal positions within esteemed financial institutions, highlighting his exceptional skills and track record of delivering outstanding outcomes.

As a Finance Manager at Finera srl in Milan, Vito demonstrated his ability to oversee financial operations and effectively manage resources to achieve strategic objectives. His strategic thinking and analytical skills were further honed during his tenure as a Financial Consultant at Allianz Bank Financial Advisor. In this role, he provided valuable insights and guidance to clients, helping them navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.

Vito's passion for personalized financial management led him to work as a Personal Account Manager at Intesa Sanpaolo Spa in Bari. There, he developed and managed portfolios tailored to individual needs, ensuring optimal financial outcomes for his clients.

In his role as a Private Client Advisor at UBS in Rome, Vito provided comprehensive financial advice and solutions to high-net-worth individuals. His exceptional interpersonal skills and deep understanding of client needs allowed him to foster long-term relationships based on trust and mutual success.

Throughout his career, Vito has maintained an unwavering commitment to excellence in his professional endeavors. He approaches his work with unwavering energy, concentration, and a determination to surpass set goals. His ability to develop portfolios, exceed targets, and consistently deliver exceptional results exemplifies his dedication to achieving excellence in the financial and insurance industry.

Mohamed Aziz Ben Chamkha

Junior Relationship Manager - Italy

Mohamed Aziz Ben Chamkha is a highly accomplished and versatile professional, boasting an impressive background in sales management, consulting, communications, and banking. With a proven track record of excellence, he excels in formulating impactful sales strategies and driving revenue growth.

Throughout his career, Mohamed has occupied pivotal roles across diverse industries, including his tenure as a Sales Management Consultant at Excellent Ambassador, an exclusive concierge company, Communications Officer at ITA Airways, Communications at Covisian S.p.A, and Banker at Zitouna Bank. His expertise in market analysis, persuasive communication, and exceptional customer service consistently contributes to the success of his clients and employers.

Complementing his professional experience, Mohamed's educational background further enhances his capabilities. He holds a Professional Certificate in Art Direction and Digital Communication from Accademia Italiana, equipping him with comprehensive knowledge and skills in implementing creative visual communication strategies. Additionally, he has a Bachelor of Applied Studies in Management and Finance from IHEC Carthage, establishing a solid foundation in business management principles.

Mohamed Aziz Ben Chamkha brings a distinctive perspective to any organization, thanks to his diverse expertise and robust educational foundation. His strategic thinking, exceptional communication skills, and unwavering commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset in the realms of sales management consulting, communications, and banking. Mohamed's ability to deliver tangible results and his passion for providing exceptional service render him the ideal professional for collaborative endeavors aimed at achieving business objectives and fostering sustainable growth.

Miguel Núñez

Senior Account Executive Mexico

Miguel Núñez is a distinguished professional in financial administration, showcasing both diverse academic credentials and vast professional experience. He graduated with a degree in Financial Administration from the Autonomous Metropolitan University, Mexico City, and further expanded his communication skills with English language studies at the Mexican North American Cultural Relations Institute.

His professional development included a certification course for a Floor Operator License and a Securities Promoter License, both offered by the Mexican Association of Stock Brokers, an affiliate of the Mexican Stock Market. To broaden his financial acumen, Miguel also completed a diploma in Stock Market Analysis from the same association in collaboration with La Salle University.

Miguel's professional expertise spans across project management, business consulting, and public relations. His career trajectory includes roles at several prominent organizations, beginning with an assistant controller position in the Finance Department at Aseguradora Mexicana, S.A. Later, he served as an Account Executive at Scotiabank Inverlat in Salina Cruz. Presently, he is contributing his financial expertise as an Independent Financial Advisor with EXITUS CREDIT, specializing in credit services.

Miguel Núñez's blend of comprehensive financial knowledge and practical experience positions him as a significant figure in the financial management and consultation sector.

Matías Fernández

Jr. Portfolio Manager Chile – South America

Matías Fernández Casasempere is an accomplished professional, excelling as an FX Operator at Tanner Investments. With a solid background in Industrial and Energy Engineering, complemented by a minor in Environmental Engineering, Matías refined his expertise at the esteemed Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.

His professional journey began at Globe Power, where he quickly ascended from the role of an Operations Analyst to a Project & Business Engineer. It was here Matías enhanced his capability to balance intricate technical requirements with strategic business needs, while simultaneously cultivating robust relationships with key clients and identifying lucrative business opportunities.

His transition to Tanner Investments as an FX Operator allowed Matías to utilize his exceptional analytical skills and deep understanding of finance. Known for his commitment to data-driven decision-making, Matías has an impressive track record of delivering outstanding results and driving significant growth.

Consistently updating himself with the latest industry trends and technologies, Mr. Fernández is a motivated engineer devoted to professional excellence. His vast knowledge across multiple engineering disciplines and his experience in finance position him uniquely in the industry, making him a valuable asset in any endeavor he undertakes.

Arcadio De Senillosa

Jr. Investment Strategist

Arcadio de Senillosa is a highly skilled professional specializing in business and finance. With a solid track record in esteemed organizations, Arcadio has consistently demonstrated his expertise and proficiency and always brings a motivated attitude and a diverse range of powerful skills that are highly valuable in the financial sector.

With a proven track record, Arcadio's employment history showcases his versatility and adaptability. As a sales consultant at CubeCorp in Sydney, he excelled in understanding his client’s needs and financial abilities, proposing suitable solutions, and effectively marketing real estate properties to potential buyers. His expertise also extends to managing necessary paperwork, staying updated on real estate markets and best practices, and promoting sales through various channels. Prior to this, his experience as a marketing & sales junior at Seeds of Respect and LUXR in Barcelona equipped him with skills in idea contribution, event organization, promotional activities, social media management, and customer engagement.

Currently working as a portfolio manager and managing around $ 3,000,000, Arcadio demonstrates his proficiency in creating reports on investment performance, maximizing investment returns, and assessing and managing risk based on client needs. Mr. De Senillosa’s extensive education includes pursuing a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation from the CFA Institute, a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) certification, and completion of various trading and business-related courses.

Tejas Dani

Senior Introducer – Australia

Tejas Dani is a seasoned finance professional with an impressive track record spanning multiple roles in prestigious firms across Australia. Tejas initially honed his skills at the University of Mumbai, where he received a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Accounting and Auditing in 2000. He further expanded his financial expertise with a Master of Commerce, majoring in Finance, from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney in 2008.

Tejas' professional journey took him through key roles in some of Sydney's leading financial institutions. He began his career at Deutsche Bank as an Associate in Structured Trade Operations. His dedication and knowledge led him to JP Morgan, where he served as Assistant Vice President/Senior Associate in the FX Middle Office. Tejas' most recent role was as Vice President/Manager in the Capital Markets department at Link Group.

Earlier in his career, he spent time as a freelance journalist in Mumbai, penning insightful articles for prestigious publications like The Economic Times, The Times of India, and The Indian Express. His unique blend of financial intelligence and journalistic capabilities allows him to analyze and communicate complex financial concepts with ease.

Tejas, with his comprehensive experience and unique skill set, has made significant contributions to the finance industry. His keen insights and multifaceted approach continue to influence the broader finance community.

Sonia Joseph

Relationship Manager Dubai

Sonia Joseph is a highly accomplished professional with over 12 years of experience in business management, finance, marketing, and sales. As a global introducer of high-net-worth clients and small institutions, she has recently joined Balfour Capital Group, where she works directly with Chief Investment Officer Steve Alain Lawrence. Sonia's diverse skill set includes client-vendor relations, business start-up and development, and the ability to quickly implement specific and timely service programs to maximize sales.

Sonia has a rich background working in various industries such as auditing, banking, and technology. She founded and served as CEO of Cogni Stride - General Trading LLC since 2018, where she negotiated business acquisitions, expanded the company's market presence, and established a performance-driven company culture. Sonia has also worked as an Internal Audit Associate at M and M Al Menhali Auditing, an Audit Intern with KPMG Oman, a Procurement Coordinator at Intelligent Business Technologies, and an Associate Financial Services Manager at ICICI Bank. Throughout her career, Sonia has consistently demonstrated excellent communication and interpersonal skills, making her an invaluable asset to any team.

Sonia's passion for pursuing a career that allows her to utilize her creative, customer service, and technical skills is evident in her work. She is a Certified Computer Skills Specialist and holds an E(CCNSSG) - L20I05S H certification. Sonia is multilingual, proficient in English, Hindi, and Marathi, and has obtained various certifications in computer skills, data analysis, National Stock Exchange Certified Capital Market Professional, SPSS, and accounting fundamentals. With her extensive experience, impressive credentials, and commitment to excellence, Sonia is poised to make significant contributions to any organization she joins.

Alan Antony

Account Executive

Alan Antony possesses extensive expertise in the fields of business intelligence research and financial analysis. He served as a Research Associate at Williams Lea, where he conducted comprehensive research and analysis on companies, industry verticals, competitors, and potential acquisition targets. Alan's meticulous approach and ability to gather relevant insights have enabled him to provide valuable recommendations and support strategic decision-making processes.

Prior to that, Mr. Antony worked as an Analyst at Northern Trust Corporation, where he played a crucial role in supporting portfolio managers for efficient trade settlement processes. Working with a portfolio valued at approximately $1 trillion, Alan demonstrated his expertise in managing complex financial operations and ensuring smooth workflows.

Alan holds a Master's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Financial Services from Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore. Currently pursuing a Master's in Applied Economics from the University of Adelaide, SA, Alan continues to expand his knowledge and skills in the field.

With his exceptional expertise, dedication to excellence, and strong academic foundation, Alan is a valuable asset to Balfour Capital Group, capable of navigating complex financial landscapes and contributing to its success.

Wilson Mwangi

Senior Portfolio Manager

Wilson Mwangi is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in economics, finance, and business management. He is currently serving as the Head of African Operations and Senior Portfolio Manager at Balfour Capital Group, where he is responsible for driving the firm's growth in the African market.

Prior to his current role, Mwangi served as the Deputy Chief Economist for Nyandarua County Government of Nairobi Kenya, where he coordinated the development of sector policies and programmes in the productive, infrastructure, and social services in the country. He was also responsible for macro planning and coordination of regional and international economic policies and programmes.

Mwangi has also worked for The Co-operative Bank Ltd in various capacities, including as a Relationship Manager for Business Banking, a Product Manager for Asset Finance and IPF, and a Credit Risk Analyst. During his time at The Co-operative Bank, he was responsible for generating new business, analyzing market needs, and designing solutions for special projects.

Mwangi holds a Master's degree in Economics (Finance) from Kenyatta University, School of Economics, and a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Studies from Kenyatta University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences. He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has completed courses in Mastering Data Analysis in Excel from Duke University (Coursera) and Data Science from John Hopkins University (Coursera).

Balfour Capital Group is confident that Mwangi's extensive experience and knowledge of the African market, coupled with his proficiency in data analysis, will help the firm achieve its ambitious growth targets in the region.

Stephen Brook

Business Development - Thailand & Indonesia

Stephen Brook is an accomplished Founder/Manager with extensive experience in the International Trade & Development industry. He has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results by leveraging his expertise in negotiation, sales, event management, marketing, and strategic planning. Stephen is also highly observant and pays attention to detail, allowing him to identify opportunities that others may miss.

As a strong advocate for community and social services, Stephen has demonstrated his commitment to creating a positive impact on society through his work. He is passionate about making a difference in people's lives and empowering them to achieve their goals.

Stephen's vision and leadership have resulted in the successful launch of Carbon Neutral Finance, an innovative and socially responsible financial services firm. He is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint by offering sustainable financing solutions that support environmental initiatives.

With a keen ability to navigate complex situations, Mr. Brook has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor and leader. He is committed to creating sustainable growth and building meaningful relationships with clients and partners alike. Stephen's strategic vision and dedication to social responsibility make him a valuable asset to Balfour Capital Group.

Janus Lim

Global Strategist Asia & Mainland China

Janus Lim, a distinguished Finance Specialist, has recently joined Balfour Capital, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. With a diverse background in finance, Janus has made remarkable contributions throughout his career, including the creation of Nexus8.

Janus began at Abn Amro and Standard Chartered Bank, demonstrating exceptional financial acumen. He excelled as a Business Development Manager at Avantgarde Minds, building valuable relationships with C-level executives. At Finaqe Group, Janus founded a leading credit advisory firm, connecting businesses with funding.

Mr. Lim’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the founding of Singapore Business Excellence (SBE), curating business content. Nexus8, his latest creation, is a Singapore-based platform partnered with leading providers and financial institutions. Nexus8 connects global businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs, empowering growth and breaking barriers.

Janus' expertise in international business and financial services is a valuable asset to Balfour. With his vision for Nexus8 and proven ability to connect companies with capital, Janus drives growth and success.

Dhruv Arun Singh

Financial Specialist

Dhruv Arun Singh is an accomplished finance professional with a strong academic foundation and substantial experience in the finance and technology sectors. Dhruv received his Bachelor of Commerce from the Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce in India in 2015, distinguishing himself in Macro Economics, Accounts, and Contract Law.

He furthered his education at The University of Adelaide in Australia, earning a Master of Finance and Business Economics with distinctions in Fund Management, Corporate Finance, Econometrics, Derivatives, Financial Modelling Techniques, International Finance, Accounts and Quantitative Methods in 2021.

Dhruv's professional journey is marked by progressive roles in prestigious organizations. He kick-started his career as an Associate Trainee at PwC and proceeded to work as a Tax Analyst at EY, India. After which, he served as a Buy Side Analyst at Larsen & Toubro Ltd, India, where he gained a comprehensive understanding of investment and finance. Moving to Australia, Dhruv then assumed the role of Telstra Solutions Consultant at TSA Group in Adelaide, expanding his expertise into the technology sector.

Currently, Dhruv serves as a Financial Solutions Consultant at Meridian Ventures. Mr. Singh's blend of comprehensive education and diverse professional experience solidify his status as a dedicated expert in the financial field.

Jafet Said Lira Reyes

Business Partner - Mexico and Latin America

Jafet Said Lira Reyes's choice to join Balfour Capital Group is inspired by the company's global reach. With a strong foundation in investments and financial analysis, Jafet has emerged as a revered figure in the financial sector, steering growth, and success for leading companies. His extensive understanding of the global financial markets, including stocks, bonds, and commodities, adds to his prowess in the field.

Jafet's academic excellence includes a bachelor’s degree in law from TecMilenio University, with ongoing pursuit of a degree in I.R. (International Relations). This foundation, combined with his on-the-ground experience, equips him to provide unique insights into private equity and investment banking across markets like Mexico, South America, Asia, GCC, and the US.

"I see my role at Balfour as more than numbers; it's about bridging people with opportunities," Jafet emphasizes, reflecting his connection with both institutions and individuals from all backgrounds.

"Jafet's multifaceted skills, moral integrity, and ability to navigate complex financial landscapes make him an invaluable asset to our global vision," says Steve Alain Lawrence, CIO of Balfour Capital Group.

As an exclusive partner for client acquisition in Mexico, Jafet's collaboration with Balfour Capital Group is poised to redefine financial consultancy and promote economic prosperity that resonates with cultures and individuals across the globe. Mr. Reyes is specially committed to the economic growth of Mexico and LATAM, enhancing the scope and effectiveness of this partnership.

Diego Rudolph

Financial Advisor & Global Investment Consultant

Diego Rudolph, a seasoned Financial Advisor and Global Investment Consultant, brings over 20 years of expertise to the forefront of Balfour Capital Group. His career has been a journey of crafting strategic financial solutions and building connections across international markets.

Diego's comprehensive skill set encompasses investments, commercial strategy, sales, business development, and marketing. His adeptness in serving diverse financial institutions, including private banking, family offices, asset management firms, private equity, venture capital, insurance companies, and global corporations, has yielded a record of consistent success. Fluent in English, German, Swiss-German, French, and Spanish, Diego's global perspective underscores his ability to transcend linguistic and cultural barriers in the financial landscape.

Notably, Diego's role as a Senior Executive Director at ICG – International Consulting Group in Switzerland exemplified his prowess in securing high volumes of new clients. His leadership extended to TMF Group, part of CVC Capital Partners, where as Commercial Director for Switzerland & International Markets, he successfully accomplished strong business growth by driving new business acquisitions and leading cross-border teams in the whole Capital Market.

Diego’s strong client approach globally enabled him to successfully grow the business for BCA Research, an independent global macro investment strategy and research boutique based in Montréal, Canada, part of Euromoney Institutional Investor. He grew the business substantially in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Europe within the whole investment community. At Reuters, Diego acquired Financial and investment as well as Banking clients and offered them adequate financial & investment & corporate services and products. He dealt with Banks, Financial Institutions, Family Offices as well as Commodity Trading and other Corporations.

Diego started his career at Credit Suisse at the Headquarters in the securities department, expanding his career into other areas in the investment, wealth and asset management.

Diego’s skills and strong interest in International markets has been exemplified by completing his MBA in International Management, his Services Marketing & Management post-graduate studies and more recently his accomplishment in an Executive Program in Digitalization by M.I.T. Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, US. Diego Rudolph's journey exemplifies dedication to excellence, strategic insight, and the transformative power of financial advisory. Within Balfour Capital Group, he embarks on a mission to deliver unparalleled value and strategic financial solutions across the globe.

Emmanuel Baiden

Senior Analyst For The United Kingdom

Introducing Emmanuel Baiden, a trader and sales specialist boasting an illustrious nine-year career in the financial markets. Mr. Baiden holds an MSc in Investment and Risk Finance as well as a BA in International Business Management with French, both from the esteemed University of Westminster.

Within the scope of his achievements, Mr. Baiden has spearheaded the onboarding of over 500 OFX clients, generating an impressive $10,000,000 in revenue. His talent extended to ETX, where his client onboarding efforts yielded substantial tens of thousands. Assisting financial advisors, he skillfully oversaw portfolios with multimillion-dollar assets under management.

Serving as a clear indicator of his impeccable trading skill, Emmanuel transformed a $50 trading account into an astounding £100,000 achieving a staggering 199900% increase and netting the company over $80,000. His written contributions are equally impactful, having penned over 100 articles for Finance and Crypto entities.

Mr. Baiden’s extensive skillset is the culmination of a diverse journey. At Finixio, he excelled as a crypto/tech writer, delivering timely and impactful content on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, fintech, and financial markets. At Tradeview Markets he worked as a trader analyst showcasing his knowledge in a variety of financial products, while at Clearwater Wealth Management, he partnered in providing top-tier financial planning services.

Emmanuel's journey also encompasses esteemed affiliations, including his status as an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Investment and Securities, in addition to his membership in the Institute of Directors. Mr. Baiden's comprehensive expertise, spanning remarkable trading and sales accomplishments to insightful literary contributions, positions him as an indispensable asset to Balfour Capital Group.

Aviral Paul

Investment Adviser Asia

Aviral is co-founder with two roll-ups and is currently focused on mergers, acquisitions, and Joint Ventures in the mid-market & lower mid-market along with restructuring, management change, general management activities. He has also been associated with VC funds as venture partner & in advisory capacity.

He is currently Venture Partner at Greyhorse Venture Fund, where he focuses on early-stage, growth, and post-IPO investments. Also- looking at Pre-IPO opportunities for companies looking to be listed in NYSE/LSE with ticket size of $25M-$100M. He is involved with another blockchain fund & a late-stage investment firm.

He has worked as Principal with Brandywine Insights focused on consulting engagements globally. Prior to this he has led & launched new initiatives in different capacities, have worked with EY, Media/Ad businesses & others around analytic, planning etc.

He has specialization in strategic management from CBS and Business & Financial modelling from Wharton School along with technology background in Electronics and Communications focused on TMT - Technology, Media and Telecommunication.

He has occasionally been writing about startups, Tech & Business blogs/columns as guest/contributing writer & have been jury member & speaker in various events.

Diana Thompson

Head of Human Resources

Diana joined Balfour Capital Group in December 2015. She was previously Head of Compliance for Charles Stanley. Prior to that, she was Head of Compliance for Quilter Cheviot and helped guide the firm through a number of corporate transactions in her time there. She is a qualified company secretary and fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities.

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