Invest in private equity through crypto

The Difference is “Global Access”

The Difference is

“Global Access”

BCG is proud to accept cryptocurrencies to further our commitment to global access for our famous research and world class investment products.

Embracing blockchain’s core values of transparency, trust, and security, we’re now accepting cryptocurrencies.

Our decision, backed by thorough research, leads to a partnership with Clavi, who will ensure secure and transparent transactions, giving our customers peace of mind.

Clavi is one of the first entities operating in the blockchain space focused on making digital securities more accessible and safe to navigate with ease.

Clavi is one of the first entities operating in the blockchain space focused on making digital securities more accessible and safe to navigate with ease.

Mitigate risks for success

We lead with cutting-edge investment strategies built on solid, scientific groundwork, setting us apart in the financial arena.

Employee welfare is key to our dynamic workplace, ensuring we attract and retain top talent.

Our edge? We master risk management, blending it seamlessly with portfolio management for superior investment performance.


We earn our clients’ business and their trust by putting their interests first every time. At the firm’s foundantion our core priciples define our values and guide our decisions. These concepts are part of our molecular DNA and corporate culture.

Client’s Testimony

As a client of Balfour Capital Group for over two years, I've witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of their philosophy. Balfour's commitment to diversification and their transparent approach in explaining strategies sets them apart. Steve's preference for in-person meetings blends traditional and modern methods seamlessly.

The results speak volumes - our partnership has been consistently profitable. Balfour's expertise and personalized service have fostered a strong and successful relationship that I value greatly.
Jen Thoo
As the Chairman of Amero Bank and the operator of a Digital Bank, I've had the privilege of engaging with Balfour as an institutional client. Their expertise and execution are truly of a world-class caliber. The cornerstone of Balfour's model lies in their sophisticated risk management strategies, paired with consistently superior returns—a rare find in today's market.

Few organizations offer the caliber of service that Balfour does, combining profound knowledge with unwavering integrity. Their discretionary trading program represents a paradigm of mutual benefit, enabling retail clients to leverage best-in-class strategies.
Robert Johnson
Chairman of Amero Bank
I'm delighted to share my exceptional experience with Balfour Capital Group. As Co-Founder of Market Logic Network, diversifying my cryptocurrency portfolio was paramount.

Balfour's tailored approach, guided by market insights, has yielded remarkable results. Their proactive strategies and personalized attention have not only safeguarded my investments but also propelled significant growth. I highly recommend Balfour Capital Group for their expertise and dedication to client success.
Jordi Argomaniz
Market Logic Network Co Founder

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