• Steve Alain Lawrence

    Chief Investment Officer
    Steven Alain Lawrence's remarkable journey began with humble origins as a runner on the Chicago Board...
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  • Janis Urste

    Division Head of Indonesia and Malaysia – Chief Market Technician
    Janis Urste is a highly accomplished financial strategist with a remarkable career spanning well over...
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  • Johan Boos

    Senior Wealth Manager – Strategic Partnership Manager Europe
    Johan Boos, an accomplished financial professional, has been selected to join the independent Sales Group...
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  • Vikram A Srivastava

    Investor Relations Manager
    Vikram Aditya Srivastava is an Introducer in Hong Kong, where he brings extensive experience in investment...
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  • Arcadio De Senillosa

    Jr. Investment Strategist
    Arcadio de Senillosa is a highly skilled professional specializing in business and finance. With a solid...
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  • Yufen Kendri

    Wealth Advisor Jakarta Indonesia
    Yufen Kendri brings over 17 years of experience in the global markets to his new role as a Wealth Advisor...
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  • Emmanuel Baiden

    Senior Analyst For The United Kingdom
    Emmanuel Baiden is a seasoned sales and trading professional with a decade of experience in navigating...
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  • Sam Cooke

    Business Advisor and To Senior Management at Balfour Capital Group
    Sam Cooke is a distinguished expert with a deep knowledge of economic trends in mainland China and Southeast...
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