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Indah Widjaja Financial Services Expert

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  • Expert in Financial Services 
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Strategist 

Indah Widjaja began her career at Danamon Indonesia Bank in 1994, honing her skills in financial solutions and customer service. She later served as a Marketing Representative at Yamato Transport, where she enhanced the company’s financial positioning through strategic marketing efforts.

In 2005, Indah transitioned to the insurance sector as a Senior Unit Manager at Prudential Indonesia, where she led significant growth initiatives. She then advanced to Business Manager at Allianz Indonesia in 2009, implementing wealth management solutions that boosted the company’s market presence.

Since 2015, Indah has been with PT. MNC Securities and later PT. Sentratama Investor Berjangka, focusing on financial education and personalized investment strategies to optimize client portfolios. Her extensive experience and strategic insights have consistently driven improved financial outcomes and client satisfaction.

Indah Widjaja is an accomplished financial services professional with over 25 years of expertise in banking, asset management, and financial strategy

With her deep market knowledge and proven leadership capabilities, Indah is poised to lead a team of dedicated advisors at Balfour Capital Group. Her commitment to excellence and strategic vision align seamlessly with the goals of the organization, ensuring her team delivers top-tier financial guidance and robust investment results

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